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Sustainable Travel Packing Tips

Let’s be honest, travelling will never be entirely sustainable. But we can make a difference by packing smart, using eco-friendly travel gear and producing less waste on the road. What you take on your journey can also help reduce your impact on the environment. Whether your travel packing for a short break, holiday or business trip, with some forward planning and smart packing you can easily lower the carbon footprint and environmental impact of you trip. Here are our top tips for sustainable travel packing.

  • Use Apps for your tickets and bookings to lighten your load, save paper and help the environment.
  • Packing reusables means less waste on the road!
  • Use your favourite items from home in reusable toiletries and cut down single use plastic.

Tickets and Planning

The days of printing your tickets and booking confirmations are over. It is best to put these into an App, so that you don’t need to print out the paper versions. Alternatively, you can save PDF versions to your phone or make screenshots so that you can access your tickets offline.

This also applies for your itinerary. You can save your favourite tips from Holland.com to your online itinerary, therefore saving on print outs. Do you want to use a guidebook? Best is to download the eBook version, this to lighten your load, save paper and help the environment at the same time.

Reusables – our best friends on the go

Reusables can help lessen the trace you leave behind. Pack a refillable water bottle, so you don’t need to buy plastic bottles whilst on your trip. Safe and clean water is regarded as a basic need in the Netherlands, so you can drink here from the tap and safely fill up your water bottle. This is also the easiest way to reduce your plastic consumptions whilst travelling.

Fan of a coffee to go? Then remember to pack your reusable coffee cup and use this instead, sometimes you might even receive a discount on your favourite brew!

Enjoy picnics and takeaways? Don’t forget your travel cutlery set which you can easily use time and time again.

Also, bringing a shopping bag or tote bag with you is incredibly handy, so you don’t have to buy additional bags when shopping for food or items to take home.

Toiletries - bring your favourite items from home

No need to buy small bottles of your favourite toiletries or use what your accommodation provides. Think ahead and buy a set of reusable toiletry bottles and decant your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner etc and use these instead. It’s a great way to cut down on single use plastic.

Pack bamboo pads or a face cloth to use instead of using single-use cotton wool or wet wipes.

Make sure your sunscreen is chemical-free and marine-friendly.

Pack smart

Sustainable travelling starts by thinking about the stuff you plan to take with you. And as you can see, making small conscious decisions is not only easy, but it can make all the difference! So, Packing smart is key to reduce you carbon footprint and make your life simpler while travelling. We should always do what we can to travel sustainably. For us and our planet.

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