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The Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon is one of the most horrific shows of Holland. You are treated to an unforgettable history lesson for the entire family. At the Amsterdam Dungeon 500 years of dark history is brought to life in eleven live shows with seven actors in one breathtaking experience. 
Rokin 78
1012KW Amsterdam
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Amsterdam’s Horrible History

See if you will survive the awful plague that swiped Amsterdam back into the dark ages or maybe you will you discover Rembrandts Dark secret? Make sure that you are pure of heart when entering the torture room of the infamous Peter Titelmann from the Spanish inquisition. Otherwise you might be his next victim on his torture chair….

Continue your tour on the forward deck off the VOC ship the Batavia. Here are rats; scurvy and ultimately death are waiting for you! You have been tricked on board off the ship by the devilish soul merchant. The question is will you survive this cursed ship or are you destined for a watery grave?

For the extra courageous you can try the drop ride. If you are brave enough that is.

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