The capital of the province of Gelderland, Arnhem has a rich and eventful past, partly reflected in a number of monumental buildings. Set in the heart of green surroundings, the town is contained by the Veluwe on one side and the forelands on the other.

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A visit to Arnhem can easily be combined with a visit to one of its many top attractions. Burgers’ Zoo is a new type of zoological garden. Can we invite you to join us on an adventurous expedition? Burgers’ Zoo takes you on a journey around the world through a wide range of wildlife areas! 'Forms of realism' is the thread connecting all collections at the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (museum of modern art). The Nederlands Openluchtmueum (open-air museum) cherishes traditions and honours them, showing visitors this country’s distant and not so distant past.

Burgers’ Zoo

A trip through different eco-displays.

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Landgoed Avegoor

Visit the family hotel on the edge of the Veluwe.

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