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Wellness resort Themen Bad Nieuweschans

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9693GA Bad Nieuweschans
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Luxury wellness resort Fontana Nieuweschans offers every facility to stimulate your health and relaxation. Enjoy a range of mineral-rich thermal baths and several sauna facilities. The resort also provides spa treatments in its massage, thalassotherapy and skincare studio, hair salon and tanning studio.

Healthy minerals

Fontana Nieuweschans is special because it uses pure, mineral-rich spring water only. The water has a perfect temperature of 36 degrees centigrade and is found at a depth of 630 metres. Moreover it contains many minerals like sodium, iodine, magnesium and bromide, each of which has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Sauna Plaza

The Sauna Plaza harbours a range of saunas, including a traditional Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, a kelo sauna in the sauna garden, and a steam bath. Because these spa facilities have a big impact on your body, it is important to rest well. The wellness resort has well-appointed resting rooms and a lavender room, in which hot lava stones are immersed in lavender water.


The wellness resort has free parking and is only a 2 minute drive from the A7.

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