Thermae 2000


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It is a huge contrast: at this futuristic spa you will bathe in water over 40,000 years old. Two sources supply the water for the indoor and open-air pools at a temperature of around 32 degrees centigrade. A third source delivers bubbly fresh mineral water. The water has been awarded the official EC mark ‘ursprunglich reines Heilwasser’.


Thermae 2000 offers a broad range of treatments in addition to the basic facilities, such as the sauna park and thermal baths (which are included in the basic entrance fee). You can enjoy a massage, full body treatment or mud pack at the beauty centre. Such treatments can be booked separately or as a beauty treatment package.

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The spa offers one-day packages but you can also book a package for several days in combination with the Thermaetel hotel. The beautiful hotel rooms are fully integrated into the hilly landscape. Hotel packages always include breakfast and access to Thermae 2000 from the day of arrival to the day of departure. Thermaetel runs an excellent restaurant, ‘t Hooght.

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Thermae 2000
Cauberg 25-27
6301BT Valkenburg
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