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Doorwerth Castle

Castle Doorwerth is one of the oldest castles in Holland, boasting a history that stretches back as far as the 12th century, and is absolutely worth a visit. Not only for the three excellent museums that it houses, but also because of the beautiful building, the century-old trees and its unique surroundings.

  • Explore and enjoy three excellent museums in this unique and ancient castle.
  • Witness the Robinia tree, which dates back to 1600 and has a trunk that currently measures seven metres in circumference.
  • Castle Doorwerth is one of the oldest castles in Holland.
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Castle Doorwerth is located on the banks of the Rhine River, between Wageningen and Arnhem. The castle’s immediate surroundings are beautiful; it is located at the point where the steep wooded lateral moraine of the Veluwezoom merges into the broad floodplains of the Lower Rhine. In between the two geological areas lies the beautiful medieval castle, surrounded by abundant moats. The castle is mentioned in historical documents dating back as far as 1260, making it one of the oldest castles in Holland.

The oldest tree in Holland

Since 1280, the castle has grown to become a picturesque complex of buildings with a ward and an outer ward. During the Second World War, the castle suffered major damage, and after undergoing restorations for a period of 37 years, it is once again the beautiful water castle it used to be.

One of the oldest trees in Holland is also located on the Castle Doorwerth grounds. The trunk of the Robinia (acacia) tree has a circumference of seven meters (almost 23 feet), and was planted around the year 1600. Two similar trees were destroyed during the Battle of Arnhem.

Activities at Doorwerth

The castle’s impressive great hall is available for small receptions, events and wedding celebrations. The tearoom in the outer ward and the restaurant in the coach house are also available for these types of receptions. The ward houses three museums: the castle museum with its beautifully decorated rooms, the Veluwezoom Museum, and the Nederlands Jachtmuseum (museum for wild game management).

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