Greener Cities

The green future of Dutch cities

Join us as we travel to the cities of tomorrow and experience how the Netherlands keeps innovating to make its cities, villages, and everything in-between, greener and more sustainable. It is deeply embedded in our DNA to find new and improved solutions in our battle against climate change and to create a thriving and healthy environment for future generations.

Sustainable innovations

Facade with plants in Venlo
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Green innovations for the city of the future

Sustainable solutions to counter climate change and groundbreaking innovations to tackle future environmental issues. That’s the Dutch approach.

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Experience green cities

City filled with Green

Wind turbines along the coast
De Kas Amsterdam
Urban farming Amsterdam

Sustainable future

Beautifully presented plate at De Kas Amsterdam
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The Michelin Green Stars in the Netherlands

If you’re looking for delicious meals prepared sustainably, then you really need to visit these restaurants that have been awarded a Green Star by Michelin.

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Floating Farm Rotterdam
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Something unique: a floating farm

A unique experience: dozens of cows living and grazing on a floating farm in Rotterdam.

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The city of tomorrow

Bring yourself

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Hotel Jakarta: the greenest hotel in the Netherlands

In the skybar with a panoramic view over the IJ, we meet Claudia van Poelgeest of Hotel Jakarta: the sustainable, green hotel on Java Island in Amsterdam.

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Jan-Albert has big ambitions for urban agriculture

Meet Jan-Albert Blaauw, a pioneer in Oosterwold. He’ll tell you about urban farming in Almere and how the residents grow food – for each other and for the city.

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We believe in more plants, fewer animals

Meet chef Emile van der Staak and discover botanical gastronomy. In restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegen, edible plants provide a new taste experience.

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Rotterdam pioneer hub of sustainability

Immerse yourself in BlueCity, the circular incubator model city in Rotterdam that provides a platform for pioneers in circular economy.

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Bringing emotions to facts

The immersive, interactive art installations of eco-artist Thijs Biersteker combine art and science to create awareness for today’s major ecological issues.