Floating Farm Rotterdam
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Floating farm in Rotterdam

Dozens of cows living and grazing on a unique floating farm in Rotterdam. With a milking robot, spacious stalls and an automatic feeding belt, the cattle practically live in a hotel on the water.

If the animals want to go for a walk, the adjacent meadow offers plenty of space to roam and enjoy the outdoors. Best of all? The Floating Farm is as self-sustaining and circular as possible.

  • Cows on water in Rotterdam.
  • Self-sustaining and circular.
  • Unique, fun and educational.
Gustoweg 10
3029AS Rotterdam

Solar panels & circular food from the region

Floating Farm Rotterdam with bridge

Located in the stylish Merwe harbor, the Floating Farm Rotterdam is the first floating farm in the world and is regarded as one of the many examples of green innovation in the Netherlands.

Floating solar panels provide the necessary energy, and rainwater is collected on the roof and then purified. Most of the feed for the cows comes from the city. Their tasty menu includes brewer’s spent grain, bran, potato scraps. and grass from athletic fields and golf courses in Rotterdam.

As good as all of that sounds, visuals are important too. That’s why the exterior of the farm was designed to be mostly transparent; all visitors can see what is happening at Floating Farm. It’s fun and educational for both children and adults.

Visitors can see the cattle, discover how the feed for the cows is produced, and how dairy products are made.

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Growing world population and rising water levels

But, of course, the key question is why is this farm floating on the water? Well, the answer to that is twofold. On the one hand, agricultural land is becoming increasingly scarce as the world’s population increases. This has led to a search for new ways to continue feeding the global population in the future.

At the same time, climate issues are also a direct cause; Rotterdam is located in a highly water-sensitive delta. Like many other cities, the city has to deal with (a lot of) water discharge from the rivers, rising sea levels, and increasingly heavy rainfall. Floods caused by rising water levels are lurking in the future.

Building a floating farm means food production can continue, even during a (severe) flood. An idea as simple as it is brilliant.

To top it off, it also looks quite charming. It’s an ideal combination of innovative strength and fresh, modern architecture on water.

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