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Space Expo in Noordwijk

Go on a journey to far-away planets and star systems at Space Expo in Noordwijk and learn all about space.

  • Learn everything there is to know about space at Space Expo.
  • Take the 'Space Train' and visit ESTEC.
  • Discover the Soyuz capsule of astronaut AndrĂ© Kuipers.
How does gravity work? What is a black hole? And what do satellites actually do? All these questions and more are answered at Space Expo. Visitors can discover the world of space exploration and life aboard the International Space Station.


Space Expo is the official visitor center of ESTEC (European Space Technology and Research Centre), the European Space Agency's development and testing center. Where else can you see the solar cells of the Hubble space telescope, a real moon stone or the Soyuz capsule that brought the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers back to earth?

Space Train

During weekends and holidays you can take part in the Space Train, an hour-long tour of the development and test spaces in the ESTEC building. There is an additional entrance fee and you must be able to show your ID for security purposes. So don't forget to take your passport!

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