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Gouda cheese market

The name Gouda cheese is famous throughout the world. And the fact that Gouda cheese is now one of Holland’s biggest exports is pretty impressive considering it’s grown from this humble, picturesque city in the province of Zuid-Holland. Today, some 60% of Dutch cheese is produced in the region surrounding the city of Gouda, also known as Cheese Valley. And naturally, Gouda’s Cheese Market remains a spectacle at the heart of Holland’s cheese industry, with its rituals and rich Dutch traditions now a must-see attraction.

  • Visit a historic cheese market that dates from 1395.
  • Experience cheese production and trading traditions that have endured the centuries.
  • Taste authentic Gouda cheese at a 'High Cheese'.

Step back in time at Gouda Cheese Market

You’ll believe that you’ve stepped back in time when you visit the Gouda Cheese Market, which was first initiated in 1395. The distinctive Gouda cheese wheels are delivered by horse and cart, then stacked on the ground by the farmers, before being sold in a traditional manner in front of Gouda’s beautiful old City Hall. The farmers and traders ‘clap hands’ to confirm each sale, in what can only be described as a theatrical spectacle. The Gouda Cheese Market is held on Thursday mornings from April through August (excluding national public holidays).

Centrally located

Gouda is centrally located in the green heart of South Holland and easily reachable from Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague. It is just a 30-minute ride by car and public transport. Amsterdam is about 45 minutes away from Gouda. Step out of the railway station and into the city center. Your car is easily parked in one of the underground car parks on the edge of the inner city.

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