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The fortified city of Nijmegen, Holland’s oldest city, will make you think you’ve gone back to Roman times. The city is full of magnificent historic buildings and centuries-old plazas, and is home to Holland’s oldest shopping street, the Lange Hezelstraat.

Shopping in Nijmegen

The best and oldest shopping streets in Holland can be found in Nijmegen.

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Nijmegen details

Nijmegen, convivial and friendly, is absolutely worth a visit. Not only have the Romans left visible traces everywhere from back when Nijmegen was one of their administrative and economic centres, but the city is also positively crowded with lively squares, parks and shopping streets and innumerable pleasant cafés and restaurants. Visit the Africa Museum or roam through the Malden maize labyrinth… Nijmegen is simply gorgeous!

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Transport in Nijmegen

By public transport

The train station is within walking distance from the city center. The train and bus will take you anywhere you want to go in this region.

By car

Nijmegen is easily accessible and offers plenty of (paid) parking spaces. Parking is cheaper at the P+R Waalsprinter parking lot and there is a free bus to the center.

Transport in Holland

Distances within Holland are easily bridged. Any location you might want to visit can be reached within three hours. The train, bus and tram will taken you pretty much anywhere you want to go. You can also explore Holland by bicycle. With over 32,000 kilometers worth of bicycle paths, Holland is a real cycling country with many fantastic cycling routes.

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