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Surfing in Scheveningen

If you are a surfer or have always wanted to learn surfing, Scheveningen is the place to go!

  • Surf the excellent wind and waves at the Scheveningen beach.
  • Scheveningen is the perfect surfing hotspot in Holland.
  • Take surfing lessons from the best instructors and get ready to take to the waves in no time.
Scheveningen is Holland’s best place for surfing. Surfing is one of the key sports for the municipality of The Hague. The beach of Scheveningen therefore features the best surfing facilities imaginable. It has various surfer stores and schools, a surfers village and even an artificial reef that ensures the most challenging waves at any moment of the day throughout the year.

Surfing in Scheveningen

Holland counts approximately 10.000 passionate surfers, and that number increases every year. If you are a surfer or have always wanted to learn how to surf, then Scheveningen is the place to go. Walk towards the end of the boulevard in the direction of the port and choose from the many surfing schools.

We recommend

The Shore (Strand Noord 2A) is a surf school, restaurant and meeting place in one. You can learn to surf, as well as enjoy a cup of great coffee, fresh juice or organic pancake. The Shore also offers a stage to local artists and organizes regular concerts in summer. The perfect place to while away a beautiful summer day.

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