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The Hague Beach Stadium

Enjoy the greatest beach sports at top level at The Hague Beach Stadium in spring and summer.

  • Visit The Hague Beach Stadium from mid-May to mid-September.
  • Over 2,000 visitors watch world-class matches.
  • Free access so it’s always fun to have a look!
Each spring, the Hague Beach Stadium is rebuilt on the beach of Scheveningen. Various beach sports are practiced here from mid-May to mid-September, ranging from beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis, beach hockey and beach handball.  The stadium is home to the top Dutch beach volleyball teams and the Dutch beach soccer team.

Olympic ambitions

The Hague Beach Stadium can seat approximately 2,000 spectators. In spring and summer you can enjoy spectacular events held on the Scheveningen beach, including national championships and international competitions. The stadium fits Holland’s ambitions to create a good sporting climate and organise the Summer Olympics in 2028.

Free admission

The Hague Beach Stadium lies at the end of the boulevard next to the pier. Admission to the stadium is free, even during major competitions. The various restaurants located in the vicinity of the stadium include Strandclub WIJ, Simonis fish restaurant and ten restaurants in the second port of Scheveningen.

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