Beachclub Indigo, het Zwarte Pad
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The Scheveningen Beach

You will find the Scheveningen beach, the most popular stretch of sand in Holland, between The Hague and the sea. It is a great place for walking, sunning and swimming, as well as surfing, visiting events and enjoying great food. In short, it represents pure pleasure throughout the year!

  • Discover Scheveningen and choose the beach that is best for you.
  • Scheveningen boasts many beach pavilions and restaurants.
  • Hit the water in Scheveningen or visit The Hague Beach Stadium to watch a beach volleyball game.

The Scheveningen beach

With its long, wide boulevard, excellent beaches and stylish beach pavilions, Scheveningen draws a crowd. Sun lovers can laze about and go for a swim. Nature lovers can go for beautiful hikes. Sports lovers can go surfing and play beach volleyball, and food lovers can enjoy great meals. Let us not forget to mention that the ‘blue flag’ – an international symbol for safe and clean beaches – has been flying at the beach of Scheveningen for years now.

Sports in Scheveningen

If you love sports, Scheveningen is a great place for you. It offers perfect surfing facilities with surfing schools, a surfers’ village, and even an artificial reef that ensures great waves throughout the year. Beach sports are practised at Olympic level in spring and summer. You can watch beach volleyball and beach soccer games at The Hague Beach Stadium. Entrance is free, so you can always check out the action!

For sun lovers and sports lovers

Scheveningen seaside resort has several beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sand. The Boulevard beach, near the Pier and Kurhaus, is an excellent place to go if you love the sun as well as a bustling crowd with many beach pavilions to entertain you. The beach near Scheveningen’s harbour is quieter and great if you have children. Here, too, there is space for surfing and beach volleyball. There are some great restaurants with a view of the harbour. And finally, there is the zwarte pad, or black trail, beach – a wonderful place to lie in the sun or go for a drink and a bite at one of the many beach pavilions. It is a bustling place in summer, with many great parties.

The Scheveningen Pier

The Pier is one of the most notable icons in Scheveningen. Nearly 400 metres long and 45 metres high, it runs straight into the North Sea and offers a beautiful view of the village.

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