A sustainable holiday in the Netherlands

Together we can keep the Netherlands healthy

Our planet is vulnerable. That’s why we ask everyone visiting our beautiful country to enjoy all our beautiful nature, but also to help us ensure that it’s preserved for future generations. We’ve put together some top tips for a sustainable, green holiday in the Netherlands. Keep your stay as carbon-neutral as possible and have a great time in the Netherlands.

You make the difference

Happy curly haired woman carried fabric bag holds fresh water in bottle
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Pack smart, lower your carbon footprint

Reduce your impact on the environment by packing sustainably. Check out our handy guide.

Let's go

Innovations for a healthy planet

Visitor among green flying furniture during Dutch Design Week

Want to know more about that curious phenomenon of Dutch Design? We can tell you everything you need to know and all the best places to go for the best Dutch Design experiences during your visit to the Netherlands.

City of Rotterdam surrounded by greenery

Join us as we travel to the cities of tomorrow and discover how the Netherlands keeps innovating to make its cities greener, more sustainable, and more livable.

Young woman bicycle on a wind blown dike in Holland, wind turbines in the background

Everyone cycles in the Netherlands – everywhere and all the time. Read our special cycling stories, meet cycling pioneers, and hop on a bike yourself to experience the Netherlands like a local.

Travel the Netherlands by train

Slow travel as the ultimate travel experience

Woman walking out of Cabiner
Two people cycling on electric bikes in the forest
Girl swimming in a lake
The word Slow written in front of Cabiner
Woman standing in the dunes
Blade of grass
Woman enjoying the fresh air in the dunes
Axe and bag with text 'Let's go off-grid' at Cabiner

Our cities are getting greener every day

Boating in Almere surrounded by architectural gems

The newest city in the Netherlands might just surprise you with all it has to offer. ‘Ally’ is an open-air museum of modern architecture.

Eindhoven is Europe’s design capital and one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the Netherlands. Discover it for yourself.

Hofvijver in The Hague

Many associate The Hague with the International Court of Justice. But did you know that it’s home to historical monuments, beaches, fabulous museums and a vibrant shopping centre?

  • Green rainboots at edge of the sea
  • Grils enjoying camping in Flotten
  • Seagull on pole at the beach in Schiermonnikoog