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The Efteling Hotel

The Efteling Hotel is a magical hotel at the entrance to the Efteling. In this hotel’s themed rooms, you fall asleep in a romantic and nostalgic ambiance. Thirteen suites are fully decorated in the style of a special theme.

  • Sleep next to the Efteling.
  • Feel like a real prince or princess.
  • Spend the night in one of the themed suites.


Dream your most beautiful dreams in a lovely comfort room, tower room or one of the 20 magical fairytale suites. You will feel like a real prince or princess and be immersed in every comfort. A perfect hotel for a short and magical stay. All arrangements include unlimited access to the theme park.

Comfort rooms have been renewed!

It looks like a good fairy has swung her staff in the rooms recently. The renovated comfort rooms are magically beautiful. Each has been decorated with the most beautiful colors and exciting fairytale details... Will you come and admire them?

Want to enjoy the Efteling for several days?

Book a room at the Efteling hotel and immerse yourself in these magical surroundings.

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