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Itinerary: Dutch classics

Let the train and bus take you to Holland’s classics. Several cities have famous works by internationally renowned Dutch painters like Frans Hals and Rembrandt on display. And of course you don’t want to miss out on the most beautiful gardens in Holland: the Keukenhof.
  • Discover Dutch masters like Frans Hals and Rembrandt.
  • The Dutch-est way to go: visiting the Keukenhof.
  • End your trip in one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Holland: Domburg.

Breakfast at Amsterdam Central Station

The route starts in one of Holland’s most beautiful railway stations: Amsterdam Central, one of the masterpieces designed by the architect Cuypers. Take your time to look around. On platform 2 you will find a number of special cafés that serve breakfast. Grand Café Restaurant 1e Klas has renovated the old waiting rooms, taking you back in time to the stations early years from 1880. All done? Board the train to Haarlem, which takes less than 20 minutes.

Back to the 17th century in Haarlem

Haarlem station is one of the oldest railway stations in Holland. It is also the only Jugendstil station. Take a little time to look around and notice the special details.

From here you can catch a bus to the Frans Hals Museum, which is located in a 17th-century inner court and boasts an impressive art collection from the same period. Tip: when on your way back to the station, get off at the Grote Markt for lunch at the foot of Saint Bavo’s Church.

Bus to the flower bulbs

The Keukenhof near Lisse is easy to get to from Haarlem. Catch bus line 50 at the station. It will take about an hour to get to Lisse. The bus drops you off at the Keukenhof gates. Tip: buy your ticket online so you’ll be able to skip the long queues at the entrance. Once inside you will swim in a sea of flowers. The organization plants more than 7 million flower bulbs every year, which bloom from March until the end of May. The result: a wonderful flower-filled landscape that is an absolute must-see.

Leiden’s Golden Age

From Lisse, it is just a 30 minute bus ride to Leiden. Did you know that this is where Rembrandt was born? Many buildings from his lifetime remain in this historic city. Go for a city walk and travel back to the Golden Age. It is even more special if you can see the city from the water. To do so, book a boat tour on the Leiden canals.

Relaxing on the train to Middelburg

After all these attractions, you may need some time to put your feet up. The train to Middelburg is the place for that, as the trip takes about two hours. Of course you must buy something to eat for the journey. You can find several great food places at Leiden Central Station. Then you can settle down to enjoy the ride. You don’t have to switch trains so you can spend the next two hours watching the landscape speed by, using the WIFI connection or reading a book. And you will get off in one of Holland’s greatest cities: Middelburg.

Culinary pleasures in Domburg

What could be better than enjoying a local delicacy after this special day? Zeeland is known as the province specializing in mussels and oysters. In Middelburg, you can hop on a bus that will take you to Domburg in just 30 minutes. This picturesque village by the sea is the perfect final destination for the day. Find a spot in one of the beach restaurants for a wonderful meal. Book a hotel here and enjoy the beach the next day. Did you know that Domburg is known as a place with healing waters? It’s the perfect place to dive into the water.

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Mar. 23, 2023 through May 14, 2023 Lisse

The best place to see tulips in Holland is Keukenhof. Keukenhof is a park with 7 million flower bulbs surrounded by tulip fields.