Polder landscape De Beemster
Polder landscape De Beemster
Photo: © NBTC / Sjoerd Bracke & Cuno de Bruin

Land of Water

The Netherlands and water are inextricably linked. There is of course the famous coast, but behind it lies a fascinating landscape of ditches, waterways, canals, lakes and rivers. Our windmills, pumping stations, polders and dikes are world-famous, so come and experience these beautiful Dutch water icons for yourself!

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Modern water Land Art in beautiful nature. Discover Deltawork's unique story in the Waterloop forest.

The largest fenland area in Northwestern Europe; you will find it here in National Park Weerribben-Wieden!

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Prepare to be smitten by small lakes, reedbeds and characteristic bridges that can be found in the idyllic village of Giethoorn.

World heritage De Beemster is a master class in wrestling land from the sea in the 17th century and tells the history of the Waterland area.

Beavers, sea eagles and a maze of small rivers. You will find all of that here in the unique National Park De Biesbosch.

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The Zuiderzee Museum brings the stories of the inhabitants of the former Zuiderzee to life. Discover the unique story here!

Maeslantkering one of the 13 Delta Works
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Delta Works

Zeeland is protected by the best greatest storm barriers in the world.

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The Woudagemaal

The world’s largest steam-driven pumping station.