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On 1 January 1986, the new province of Flevoland, the largest land reclamation project in history, was added to Holland. Where first there was only water, you will now find gorgeous nature, culture and sights. In Batavialand, museum and heritage center in Flevoland, you'll learn all there is to know about the unique history of Flevoland. Batavialand brings to life our battle against the water using poldering and dike building, as well as the voyages of discovery, the sea trade, and the specialized know-how that the Netherlands exports.

  • Learn everything about how the Dutch deal with water in Batavialand.
  • Board the Batavia with your children and discover the nautical history of Holland.
  • Experience the story of poldering in the Netherlands at the leading Heritage Park of the Low Countries.
Oostvaardersdijk 113
8242PA Lelystad

Heritage park and museum

The Batavialand heritage park offers a range of activities: exhibitions about living with water, such as the 60-meter tapestry Flevoland or ‘Lost Ships’, where you will learn all about the 450 shipwrecks that were found when Flevoland was reclaimed from the water.

Shipyard with VOC ship

The Batavialand shipyard takes you on a journey into the world of historic shipbuilding, crafts and the Golden Age. Board the famous reconstruction of the VOC return ship Batavia. An incredible amount of work is being done on the quayside in Batavialand to keep this ship in good condition. Volunteers show and tell the most beautiful stories about marine life, the VOC and the customs on board. It really takes you back to a different era!

Poldering and dike builders

In Batavialand you will also find all the information about water management, dike construction, dredging and land reclamation, and you can also take a look here at the history of navigation and shipbuilding in Holland. There is extensive documentation and unique collections of items from shipwrecks.

The largest shipwreck graveyard in the world

Flevoland is the world’s largest shipwreck graveyard. Over 450 wrecks have been found in Flevoland, and can still be identified in the polder landscape by the three-metre-tall white and blue poles with a red ship on them.

More about Flevoland

Flevoland, the largest land reclamation project in the world, is Holland’s youngest province. Here, people literally live on what used to be the sea floor of the former Zuiderzee, and you will today find gorgeous, pristine nature, islands on dry land and cities like Almere and Lelystad full of inspiring art and architecture.

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