Events in Holland

Holland offers many, many events. Festivals, markets, parades, expositions and events are organised throughout the country in every season. Spring mainly offers flower parades and cheese markets. In summer, there's a wealth of dance, music and theatre festivals; autumn is the time for art and culture, and Sinterklaas and the Christmas markets bring warmth to cold winter months. The largest national event is celebrated every year on 27 April: King's Day. It's a must to come and see Holland turn orange for this event! Here, you'll find an overview of the annual events that are celebrated during the month of your visit.

Highlights in April

Tulip Festival + Tulip Route

Discover the longest and most colourful tulip route in Holland.

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Easter in Holland

Holland has many great Easter traditions. Discover them this spring!

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You can read more about the Concertgebouw and its programming here.

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We celebrate the following public holidays in the Netherlands:

January 1 - New Year's Day. Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. April 27 is King's Day, every year. Ascension Day. Whit Sunday and Whit Monday. We celebrate Christmas on December 25 and 26.

More about public holidays in the Netherlands here.

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The Keukenhof is open from the end of March to mid-May. This is the period when the flowers are in bloom.

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On April 27, the Netherlands celebrates King Willem-Alexander's birthday. The entire country dresses in orange and celebrates in a festive atmosphere in one of the many street markets, fairs or exciting events organized throughout the country.

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