Get outdoors for the first days of spring -
Spring in Holland

Get outdoors for the first days of spring

Spring in Holland is a real party. It is not just the flowers that open up, the terraces and beach pavilions that closed down for winter reopen their doors as well. Discover how the Dutch celebrate spring and join in the fun!

  • Tips for a day at the Vondelpark.
  • Discover the best beach venues along the 250 km of coastline.
  • Do you know what Skirt Day means?

No people in the world enjoy the first day of spring like the Dutch do. Winters are often long and dark here so spring makes people so enthusiastic that no one can remain untouched. Every café and restaurant quickly sets up chairs and tables outside so we can have our cup of coffee basking in the first rays of the sun.

Skirt Day

Did you know that the Dutch call the first day of spring Rokjesdag or Skirt Day? It is officially the first day on which Dutch women wear skirts and bare their legs for the sunlight.

Relaxing at the Vondelpark

In the parks, which reawaken and are in bloom, people go for walks, a bicycle ride or a skate run. Our tip: go for a lovely stroll at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam and sit down at one of the great terraces for a cup of coffee or lunch. 'Melkhuisje' with its large playground is perfect for children, the best lunches are served at 'Vondelpark3', and ‘Vondeltuin’ is the quietest place, where you can also rent roller skates for a roll around the park.

A day at the beach

The season also takes off along the coast. From the Wadden Islands to Zeeland, some 250 km of beach, the beach pavilions and restaurants are rebuilt and open their doors. Of course you can go for a wonderful walk on the beach, but you could also enjoy the first sun on a sun bed on one of the glassed-in beach terraces.

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