Amsterdam Light Festival -

Amsterdam Light Festival

Dec. 2, 2021 - Jan. 23, 2022, Amsterdam

During the Amsterdam Light Festival, which is held in December and early January, the canals of Amsterdam are lit up by the best light artists from Holland and abroad. Watch the most fantastic projections in the historical city center of Amsterdam.

  • An inspiring three-week light festival in Amsterdam.
  • Experience the festival with the new Light Walk.
  • Buy your ticket online via the Amsterdam Light Festival website.
Every year, Amsterdam’s city center is lit up by dozens of innovative and high quality light art installations from (inter)national artists during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Since 2012, the Amsterdam Light Festival has realized over 200 art works, growing into one of Europe’s principal light art festivals. After the opening, part of the works created specifically for Amsterdam become part of a permanent collection that travels around the world.

Interactive Light Walk

For three weeks in December and the first weeks of January, the light art installations can be admired in the historical city center every day from 17:00 to 23:00. With the newly developed Light Walk, you can go on an art-inspired tour of the Plantage-Weesperbuurt district . Use WhatsApp to listen to a story by theater maker Lucas De Man about light, nature and the city. The theme is 'When Nature Calls'. The walk is interactive because you, the visitor, get to influence the story. Want to learn more about the light art installations? Send Lucas a message and he will share exclusive interviews with the artists. Are you more interested in history? He’ll tell you more about the history of the area that you will tour.

Tickets Amsterdam Light Festival

Tickets are available via the Amsterdam Light Festival website from October. Visitors must book a date and timeslot to ensure that the festival is COVID-19 proof.

Tip: Don’t forget to charge your smartphone (with WhatsApp) and bring your headphones or earbuds!

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