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Golf in the Netherlands: unexpectedly remarkable

Discover the green fairways amidst the beautiful Dutch landscape. Tee off, drive your golf cart along the beautiful lawns to the greens for your putt. In other words: play a great round of golf on a Dutch golf course.


Renowned golf courses

The Netherlands might not be the first place that springs to mind as a holiday destination for golf enthusiasts. However, they will be pleasantly surprised because the Netherlands is home to a number of internationally renowned golf courses, such as De Koninklijke Haagsche and De Pan. Both courses are members of the ‘Oude Negen’ (the Old Nine), an association that dates back to 1914 and consists of nine classic golf courses in the Netherlands. The mission of the Oude Negen is to ”cultivate the wonderful sport of golf in the Netherlands – where the golf course designs are compelling and where clubs offer their members and guests a special experience.”
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Members club

Zaanse Golf Club
Although most golf courses in the Netherlands are active member’s clubs, it is not a problem to book a tee-time. Even the more exclusive and larger courses will be pleased to welcome you provided you have a minimal playing handicap of 24, which will be checked on your card. Some of the high-end golf clubs, such as The Dutch, the International and The Duke, are accessible to members only and you can only play here if you have been introduced by a member.

This is what The Dutch looks like

Golf resorts in Nederland

There are few golf resorts in the Netherlands. If you wish to stay at one of these, your options are limited to: De Drentsche Golf & Country Club, G&CC Lauswolt, Bernardus (host of the Dutch Open, an internationally renowned golf tournament), Bergvliet, Crossmoor, or de Texelse. Since the country is so small, you will not need to travel far.

Golf player at KLM Open

Jeroen Korving
The Netherlands has a high concentration of golf courses for a country of its size.
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From Amsterdam to the golf course

If you are staying in the cities of Amsterdam or Utrecht, you can reach a golf course in less than 1.5 hours provided you avoid the typical commuting times (between 8:00 and 10:00 am). The Netherlands has a surprisingly high concentration of golf courses for a country of its size.
275 golf courses in the Netherlands
There are more than 275 golf courses and most of these can be found in the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Zuid-Holland, and Noord-Holland. They are well-maintained and relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to popular golf destinations like Spain and Portugal. Playing at one of the top courses costs about €150, whereas a generally good course will charge about €80 for 18 holes.
  • Golf course Noordwijk
  • Golf course De Pan
  •  Bernardus golf course

The expert: Jeroen Korving

  1. The 'Oude Negen' (Old nine)

    Be sure to play at least one of the ‘Oude Negen’ (Old Nine) golf courses when visiting the Netherlands. I especially recommend the following courses: Koninklijke Haagsche, De Pan, Noordwijkse, Kennemer, Rosendaelsche, Eindhovensche, or de Hilversumsche. These courses are often only available on weekdays.
  2. Select unique golf courses

    Try some of the unique Dutch courses. Play four meters below sea level at De Zaanse or another ‘polder’ course such as Westwoud. Or play Links Valley, the only reversible golf course in Europe. Also take the Dutch landscape into consideration. If you play Tespelduyn in the town of Noordwijkerhout during the middle of April, you will see the Dutch tulip fields blooming in all their glory.
  3. Special days

    Plan your visit to the Netherlands on a holiday, such as King’s Day (April 27), Liberation Day (May 5), or during the Dutch Open. The choice is yours; join the crowds and party with the locals or head out to a golf course to enjoy the peace and quiet. Many courses organize something special during these days to entice people to come and play.