Arcen Asparagus Market

May 26, 2022, Arcen

Every year, the province of Limburg is struck by `gold fever`. In Limburg, this refers to an annually recurring phenomenon during the months of April, May and June, when the ´White Gold´, or asparagus, is harvested. During the harvest months, Limburg is host to a variety of festivities celebrating this annual theme. This makes it the perfect time of year to visit an asparagus grower. You also cannot pass up the chance of tasting some of the juicy White Gold...

  • Tradition on Ascension Day in Arcen.
  • Visit asparagus picking demonstrations.
  • Try asparagus liqueur or an asparagus tart.
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Arcen Asparagus Market

The traditional asparagus market is held every year on Ascension Day, right in the center of the small city of Arcen. There are various reasons to visit the market. You could attend demonstrations on harvesting, sorting and washing the White Gold. Or taste some of the many typical `asparagus products` such as the wines that go perfect with asparagus, asparagus liqueur, asparagus pie and even asparagus chocolate. The traditions involved in the production of regional products are also on display.

Activities in Arcen

Try to combine a visit to the asparagus market with other activities in the area. The Spa (Thermal Baths) in Arcen is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural springs, sauna and beauty centers. The castle gardens (‘Kasteeltuinen’) are a beautiful natural environment where you can take walks around the centuries-old castle of Arcen. Reasons enough to make a full day of it in Arcen when you visit the asparagus market!

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