Photo: © Kerst in Oud Kampen

Christmas in Oud Kampen

Dec. 18, 2021 - Dec. 19, 2021 Canceled, Kampen

Kampen is one of the beautiful Hanseatic towns that lie along the river Ijssel. In December, its atmospheric centre becomes the stage of a grand open-air theatre festival during Christmas in Oud Kampen.

  • Meet characters from the tales of Charles Dickens and enjoy the many theatre performances.
  • Visit Christmas in Oud Kampen and discover the IJsseldelta.
  • Experience the history of the Hanseatic towns aboard a replica of the Kamper Kogge, a Medieval ship.

Christmas in oud Kampen

From historical glimpses into a distant past to meeting the characters from the famous books of Charles Dickens in person: it’s Christmas in Oud Kampen, in the atmospheric centre of Kampen. The smell of punch, handsome Christmas trees, cosy streets, restored buildings and the gorgeous backdrop of the IJssel river form the scenery to this festival on Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 to 21:00.

Discover the IJsseldelta: miniature Holland

Kampen, along with two other beautiful Hanseatic towns, Zwolle and Hasselt, is located in the IJssel delta. The IJsseldelta is the perfect place to breathe in fresh air, walk and cycle along twisting dikes and gaze miles and miles across the wide, open landscape of Holland’s oldest Polder – all reasons for which it is also referred to as “miniature Holland”.

Editor’s tip: a Medieval shipwreck has been found at the bottom of the river IJssel. A real Kogge! Kogges were the ships that brought Kampen and other Hanseatic towns their great wealth. The Kogge was raised in 2016 and taken to a shipyard for archaeological research. What kinds of experiences did this ship have? What did Kampen look like back in the day?  A replica of the Kogge is moored in Kampen’s harbour – take a tour, or better yet, a cruise!

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