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Dam tot Damloop

19 Sept. 2020 - 20 Sept. 2020 Canceled, Amsterdam

The Dam tot Damloop, which is the biggest running course in Holland, is well-known among professional and recreational runners. The thousands of entrants have to run 10 English miles (16.1 kilometres) from Dam square in Amsterdam to Dam square in Zaandam. It’s a big spectacle every year.

  • Run the 10 miles of the Dam to Dam Run with over 50,000 passionate runners.
  • Take part in the Dam to Dam Walk or the Dam to Dam Bicycle Classic.
  • Or enjoy this unique spectacle together with over 250,000 other spectators.

Top runners

The last course had 50,000 entrants and well over 250,000 singing, applauding and partying people in the crowds lining the route. The race grows bigger each year and draws bigger names each time as well. In addition to top runners from around the world, the event also welcomes recreational runners and children.

Want to enter?

In addition to the Dam tot Dam running course, the route is used for a Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht (hiking) and a Dam tot Dam Fietsclassic (cycling) every year as well. If you would like to participate in the festivities or run, hike or bike the route yourself, you can register online for the event next September.

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