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Photo: Dickens festijn - Foto: Ronald Hissink

Dickens Festival

19 Dec. 2020 - 20 Dec. 2020, Deventer

Visit the Dickens Festival in Deventer. Enjoy the atmosphere on the Christmas market and excellent food and drinks, and witness how the magical world of Charles Dickens comes to life.

  • The 19th-century world of Charles Dickens comes to life.
  • The Dickens Festival brings a traditional and wonderful Christmas atmosphere to Deventer’s town centre.
  • Visit the Christmas market by the Grote Kerk with dozens of stalls.

The world of Dickens

During the Dickens Festival in the historic centre of Deventer, the 19th-century world of Charles Dickens comes to life. Hundreds of characters from his famous books can be found strolling around the centre, from Scrooge to Oliver Twist and from Mr Pickwick to the Christmas Carol Singers, orphans, drunkards, clerks and posh gentlemen. This unique event will truly make you feel as though you were celebrating Christmas back in this famous author’s age.

Music and punch

Enjoy punch and roast chestnuts, thousands of Christmas lights and Christmas trees, choirs and orchestras playing music – it’s the romantic time of Charles Dickens coming back to life in the streets, in homes, in shops and in galleries.

Grote Kerk Christmas Market

In and around the Grote Kerk (the Great Church, officially St Lebuinus Church), you will find a Christmas market with no less than 75 different stalls selling Christmas decorations, toys, clothes and handicrafts, while Christmas songs are sung here, there, and in various other places too. The church also has an indoor terrace where you can enjoy excellent snacks and drinks.

Practical information

The Dickens Festival is open from 11:00 to 17:00. You can reach the Dickens Festival via Keizerstraat street (by Deventer Schouwburg theatre). Do bear in mind that you may have to wait in line (for as much as 1.5 hours) to reach the entrance to the festival in Walstraat street. The other streets are closed off.

Accessibility and parking in Deventer

Deventer lies about 45 minutes by car from Arnhem. Accessibility by public transport is also excellent; direct trains bound for Deventer can be taken in various places, including Utrecht and Arnhem.

If travelling by car, follow the ‘parkeren Dickens Festijn’ (Dickens Festival parking) from the A1 motorway on to reach a temporary parking area with shuttle buses to the town centre. A parking route has been established around the centre which leads to other parking areas.

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