Floriade, Almere
Floriade, Almere
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Floriade Expo 2022 – Growing Green Cities

Apr. 14, 2022 - Oct. 9, 2022, Almere

Sixty hectares (148 acres) of land, forty inspiring country presentations, a spectacular greenhouse complex, and a real aerial cableway across the park – it is with good reason that Floriade Expo is considered one of the world’s major horticultural shows. Held in Almere from 14 April through 9 October 2022, this large-scale green event will be the perfect place to enjoy flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits in park-like surroundings.

  • 40 inspiring country presentations
  • Enjoy the best flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits
  • The leading stage for horticultural innovations for six months

Achterpad 8
1324ZZ Almere
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This seventh edition of the international horticultural show in the Netherlands revolves entirely around Growing Green Cities. And that means so much more than lots of greenery. Think of new technologies, future products, and a focus on solutions to global urbanization, food supply, health, and energy generation. As such, the four sub-themes of Floriade 2022 are Greening the city, Feeding the city, Healthying the City and Energizing the City, topics that are showcased in countless pavilions and the huge greenhouse complex as well as in the arboretum and rich art and culture program.

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Growing Green Cities

How can you make a densely built city more green, fun, livable and sustainable? This is the question that Floriade seeks to answer in 2022. And there is no better place to explore sustainable green urban development than Almere’s city center! The living lab, as Floriade is nicknamed affectionately, showcases Almere’s aim to be a green city on the one hand, and the way in which the horticultural sector strives for continuous innovation in sustainability and food production on the other. Floriade does so by bringing innovative stakeholders from around the world together to present their horticultural best to consumers and peers.

The arboretum is the Floriade Expo’s green engine, a gigantic living tree, flower and plant library that is a feast to all nature lovers. The trees and plants are organized by their botanical names as designed by the architect and urban planner Winny Maas.

Floriade is the international horticultural show that is organized in the Netherlands every ten years since 1960, an imposing event in a different location every time. After Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Zoetermeer, and Venlo, it is now Almere’s privilege to provide the green backdrop and welcome visitors from around the world.

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