The Netherlands will be celebrating King's Day 2021 at home -
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The Netherlands will be celebrating King's Day 2021 at home

Apr. 27, 2021, All of Holland

Since 2014 we no longer celebrate Queen’s Day, but King’s Day. While normally a vibrant day with lots of performances, activities and joyful crowds, King's Day is another event that will be sadly different in 2021 due to COVID-19. Make sure to have a great day at home or online wearing your orange party outfit, and postpone the large-scale King's Day feast until 2022.

  • Get your orange outfit on and celebrate King’s Day with us in Holland on 27 April!
  • It is preferable to celebrate King's Day online.
  • Eindhoven will welcome the Royal Family and offer online programming.

No big King's Day festivities in 2021

Where normally the entire country turns orange on King's Day, from big urban centers to tiny villages, there will be no festivities in 2021. Due to the COVID pandemic, virtually all events have been canceled. Some will be taken online, including in Eindhoven, the city that will welcome the Royal Family in a secret location this year. The city in Brabant has announced a big online program on 27 April.

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