Limburgs Mooiste

June 10, 2022 - June 11, 2022, Heerlen

The Limburgs Mooiste began as a touring version of the Amstel Gold Bicycle Race through the rolling pastures of Limburg. Organized by the Grand Ballon Foundation, and held on the first weekend after Pentecost, it offers a choice of several professional routes, two 100 kilometer routes (about 60 miles), one hilly and one with fewer hills, and a 150 kilometer (about 93 miles) more challenging route. And there are several shorter "family tours" that happen at the same time: take the kids and try out an abbreviated 30-kilometer (about 18.5 miles) ride. All routes begin and end at the Avantis business park that crosses the border into Germany.

  • Tours for every level of experience.
  • Over 500km worth of bicycle paths and just one single traffic light.
  • With a running event the following Sunday.
Burgemeester van Grunsvenplein 145
6411AS Heerlen
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Coming to the event

Every year, throngs from companies and organizations around Holland put together teams to compete in this touring race. The shorter, non-professional family rides attract groups from all over Europe. The atmosphere is festive and relaxed, and the business park that serves as the start and end point also hosts a bike fair where enthusiasts can try out a new bicycle, purchase equipment and just explore the sport. The site features camping space, sanitary facilities, and hot showers.

Ride the Dutch way—on two wheels

Taking part in Limburgs Mooiste is a great way to explore the southern region of Holland in a decidedly Dutch manner—cycling. If you already cycle, the bicycle fair is there to expand your interests and give you an even greater appreciation of the sport in Holland. If you aren't a cyclist, this event might convert even the most skeptical non-athletic tourist. Professional tour events must be registered in advance, but people attending individually can park and camp in Avantis and sign up for the family events as they arrive. There are registration locations in the center of Heerlen as well.

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