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Museumnacht 010

Mar. 5, 2022, Rotterdam

Want to discover the art and culture that Rotterdam has to offer in a single night? It’s possible in Museumnacht 010 Rotterdam. With a Museumnacht (museum night) ticket, you can enjoy a special program until the early morning. It grants free access to over 40 locations in Rotterdam.

  • Enjoy a huge selection of art and culture at the price of a single museum ticket.
  • Visit more than 40 locations.
  • You can also use the special Museumnacht transport facilities.

More than 40 locations

There is plenty to do and experience during Museumnacht 010 in Rotterdam. More than 40 locations present an art and culture program with special previews, demonstrations and exhibitions. Visit well-known museums, such as the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, the Chabot Museum, and Schielandshuis, or go to one of the smaller galleries that open their doors during Museumnacht. Plan your visit well in advance so you won’t have to miss a thing.   

A night full of surprises

Museumnacht 010 Rotterdam is a night full of surprises and original activities. Take a guided tour with Cleopatra, achieve the high score at the Dutch Pinball Museum, or attend a high-speed meditation session and find yourself at peace. You only need a single ticket to visit all of the locations. You can buy them online via the Museumnacht 010 website. The colorful wristband opens all doors for you.

Special transport

Avoid the cold of the night and take the special Museumnacht Bus. Your ticket for Museumnacht 010 Rotterdam doubles as your bus ticket. Would you prefer to keep moving? All of the locations are easily accessible on foot or by bicycle.

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