Mysteryland -
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27 Aug. 2021 - 29 Aug. 2021, Hoofddorp

Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a Mystery!

Mysteryland is the oldest dance festival in Holland. It was organized for the first time in 1993 and has evolved into a huge event over several days that brings together a range of dance genres.

  • Party with 60,000 dance lovers.
  • Spend the night (or day) at the Holy Ground camping or in a nearby hotel.
  • Enjoy music from several world-famous DJs.

Dance music in Holland

Dutch DJs have been among the world’s very best in terms of dance music for years now. Ever since the early nineteen nineties when they turned the tables in underground clubs and at secret rave locations. Electronic music became more and more popular and is now part of the music canon. Dance records top the charts and a night on the town without dancing has become almost unimaginable. Big dance events have become commonplace in Holland since 1993.

The world’s longest running dance festival

Mysteryland is the world’s longest running dance festival. The first edition was held in 1993. Ever since its beginnings, the festival has represented a huge variety of music genres and cultures. It brings together artists and festival fans from around the world.

Whether you like House, Hardstyle, Techno, Drum & Bass, Minimal, Trance, Disco, Hip Hop or Hardcore, you will have a great time. What brings everyone together is the intense feeling of unity with thousands of friends.

Near Mysteryland

The festival grounds are just a stone’s throw away from Schiphol and can be easily reached by public transport from the airport without having to switch lines. The Haarlemmermeer forest is located between Hoofddorp and Haarlem. Attending Mysteryland is easily combined with a visit to this historic city or a week on the Dutch coast.

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