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North Sea Regatta

May 24, 2022 - June 6, 2022, Scheveningen

North Sea Regatta annual sailing event draws thousands of sailing aficionados, water sports fanatics and other spectators seeking to enjoy a weekend full of nautical spectacle and atmosphere.

  • Visit the North Sea Regatta, with more than 2500 top sailors participating in various races.
  • Enjoy the 110-nautical-mile Vuurschepenrace, the 180-kilometer North Sea Race, and many circuit races.
  • See the various live shows in the party tent and taste the unique atmosphere.

Hoist the sails!

Every Whitsun weekend, the harbor of Scheveningen becomes the beating heart of the Dutch competitive sailing world. Yachts of all sizes lie next to each other companionably, the cats launch from the beach and the dinghies use the new ramp. A total of about 2.500 sailors will be invading The Hague for the annual North Sea Regatta.

Nautical Events at Scheveningen

The first event of the Regatta is traditionally the Vuurschepenrace, a 110-nautical miles long offshore race from Scheveningen towards Harwich. The competitors will have to take on the elements of the open sea. Other events are the 180-nautical miles long North Sea Race back to Scheveningen, the Scheveningen inshore races and many live shows in the party tent. An eclectic fleet of open boats, catamarans, Olympic and “one design” boats, sharp-looking yachts and classic ships will be sailing out every day for an exciting race around the buoys.

Non-sailors are welcome too

If you are a yachtsman or woman, than you have no excuse to not visit the North Sea Regatta in Scheveningen. However, non-sailors are more than welcome too in at the North Sea Regatta. You can enjoy all kinds of shows and live performances all day long. Young and old, sailors and non-sailors, everyone gathers at Scheveningen to enjoy these festivities.

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