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Oerol Festival

June 10, 2022 - June 19, 2022, Midsland

Oerol Festival takes over the entire island of Terschelling and focuses on theater shows, musical performances and street theater acts. Barns, sheds or even hollows in the dunes are part of the Oerol Festival terrain. Oerol goes on all day long for ten days in a row and attracts thousands of cultural and curious visitors.

  • During Oerol, Terschelling is transformed into a single great stage.
  • Theater performances on the beach, in the forest or simply in the street.
  • Since 1982, it has grown into an international phenomenon.
Zuid Midslandweg 4
8891GH Midsland
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Oerol Festival Terschelling

There aren’t many festivals that can say they take over an island, but the Oerol Festival actually does! The inhabitants, bars and pubs of Terschelling join in the festive atmosphere of the Oerol Festival. Artists, musicians and dramatists guarantee a surprising program. More than just fun, Oerol plays an important role in coaching dramatists and in helping them develop their talent.

Cultural Meeting Place

Oerol Festival is the perfect place for professionals to meet with colleagues from the trade, for visitors to see new shows and for dramatists to discover upcoming talents. In short, the Oerol Festival is a cultural feast for everyone on the beautiful Wadden island Terschelling.

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