Rotterdam Rooftop Days

June 2, 2022 - June 5, 2022, Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Rooftop Days (Rotterdamse Dakendagen) offer a weekend-long access to the upper city. During these days you can visit twenty open rooftops and experience an extensive program of tours, concerts, art, nature and dinners at great height.

  • Visit one of the twenty open rooftops during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days.
  • Enjoy spectacular views and new perspectives in the upper city.
  • An extensive program of tours, concerts, nature and dinners.
During the festival, about twenty Rotterdam rooftops can be visited for free with a Dakpas (rooftop pass) Special events and (guided) tours complement this program. On the Friday, kick off with Knowledge Day; a program for professionals (such as city developers and architects) who (want to) make use of rooftops in an unprecedented way.


The right-under-your-roof tour takes you to the unknown spaces of Rotterdam (at a height, but not outside). With a ticket, explore the hidden areas between ceiling and roof of the Central Station, the Laurenskerk and the Markthal.

For those who love beautiful views and are entirely ok with heights, there is a special tour along the highest rooftops of the city. A perfect chance to take in the vistas and make panoramic snapshots.

Culture on rooftops, the specials

The 'Iftar on the roof' (the Ramadan meal after sunset) is very popular. During the Rooftop Days you can book a rooftop table and enjoy a program full of music, sunset and delicious food. Visitors who do not fast are also welcome to experience this.

In addition, the quintessential Rotterdam Square Cinema will be adorned with an annex on the sloping parking deck of the Bijenkorf. Here, during the festival, films will be shown in the open air where special cityscapes play a starring role.

Visit the Rotterdam Rooftop Days

During the Rotterdam Rooftop Days, the open roofs can only be visited with a rooftop pass, which is valid for one day (on Saturday or Sunday). Tickets for tours or specials do not require a rooftop pass, but with a pass you get a discount on tour tickets. Rooftop passes are on sale via the Rotterdam Rooftop Days website, starting from April onwards. Ticket sales for tours and specials start in May.

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