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Scheveningen Kite Festival

Sept. 25, 2021 - Sept. 26, 2021 Canceled, Scheveningen

Have you ever seen such a spectacle? Over one hundred of brightly colored kites in the air. The kites at the kite festival are big, bigger, biggest! You will see the world’s biggest kites.

  • The best kites on the beach for an entire weekend.
  • With over 100 participants and the world's biggest kite!
  • Combine the kite festival with a visit to the Pier.

A real spectacle

The kite festival is held in Scheveningen in September. Over 100 participants from around the world come to fly every shape and size of kite on the beach. You can see several demonstrations in the air. There is a sports kiting demonstration, for instance, or kiting to music. Would you like to join in and learn how to fly a kite? You can buy kites on the boulevard and you can do a stunt kiting workshop.

All day long

Depending on the wind, you can see kits in the air on the Scheveningen beach all day long. On Saturday night there is a kiting night show, with thousands of lights up in the air! It is a breathtaking spectacle.

Editor's pick

There are plenty of things to do near the beach of Scheveningen to have a great weekend in the city and on the beach. The Scheveningen Pier with its shops and catering facilities is located next to the kite festival grounds. Would you prefer to visit the city? The center of The Hague is just twenty minutes away and offers excellent shopping and dining spots.

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