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Aug. 5, 2022 - Aug. 11, 2022, Sneek

Traditionally, the Sneekweek begins in early August, in Friesland. The Sneekweek is an annual event that is organized by the Royal Watersport Association of Sneek. It is the largest sailing event on European inland waterways. Lovers of sailing, but also thousands of celebrants come to this water sports event.

  • On Friday evening, watch the fleet show in the center of Sneek.
  • Enjoy the contests and charming atmosphere on Starteiland.
  • Experience the traditional Hardzeildag sailing event on Wednesday.

Sneekweek: water sports and parties

The festive atmosphere of the Sneekweek is just as well known as the sailing competitions themselves. Various festive activities, including a fair and a big market, turn the Sneekweek into a great festive week. In Sneek they say for good reason, "Daytime for the honor, the evening for the atmosphere".

Festive tradition

The Sneekweek is traditionally opened by a naval review, a show with hundreds of boats and fireworks. The second final match day is on Wednesday, which is known as Hardzeildag, the highlight of the Sneekweek. Enjoy the traditional Holland-Friesland Rainbow-class race at the end of the afternoon on Sunday. It's the Frisians against the Dutch. This is a real spectacle when the spinnakers are being hoisted!

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