Flevoland. The largest polder in the world!


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Flevoland is totally different from the rest of the Netherlands; new land characterised by modern architecture, beautiful, diverse natural areas, and unique, extraordinary attractions. Just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, 6 metres below sea level, Flevoland offers infinite possibilities. Every visit is an unforgettable experience.



No matter who you’re with, be it a group of friends or the whole family, Flevoland has accommodation to suit everyone. The average hotel prices in Flevoland are much lower than in Amsterdam.

Unique history throughout

Flevoland is totally different from the rest of the Netherlands. Here, you are literally walking on the floor of the former Zuiderzee. 

Islands on dry land

As a result of the ‘inpoldering’ (reclamation of land), the former islands Urk and Schokland were all at once islands on dry land, unique in the world.

New art and architecture

There is revolutionary urban planning, architecture and landscape art to be found in the cities and landscapes of Flevoland. Be amazed by the architecture in Almere, number 1 among Europe’s new cities for its modern architecture.

Attractions for young and old

Flevoland’s pioneering origins are reflected in the unique and extraordinary attractions for young and old. For example, you can visit Walibi Holland, Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet, Bataviawerf, or explore the unique story of the reclamation of the land of Flevoland at the New Land Heritage Centre.

For a breath taking colour experience, visit the tulip fields in the spring.

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Flevoland. The largest polder in the world!
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