Photo: © Jelmer de Haas/Motel Mozaique

Motel Mozaique

Apr. 21, 2022 - Apr. 23, 2022, Rotterdam

Motel Mozaique is a city-wide art and music festival with a unique twist. It presents concerts, performances and activities where art, pop music, theater, hospitality and architecture all come together. During the festival, Rotterdam is turned into a city-wide motel and the quirkiest music festival and slumber party in Holland.

  • International and Dutch Indie, pop acts.
  • Sleep in various cultural locations all over the city.
  • Motel Mozaique Guides uncover the city's hidden gems.

Indie acts from all over the world

Motel Mozaique festival features the hippest Indie and pop music acts. These concerts are staged in various theatres, bars and gig venues across Rotterdam including the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotown, BIRD and WORM. Famous Indie bands and artists who graced the festival include Belle & Sebastian, Lykke Li, Mogwai, Camera Obscura and Shout Out Louds among many others.

Campsite Mozaique – sleep at different locations!

The fun factor is that the festival provides a sleeping location called Campsite Mozaique where guests can stay at special locations all over the city. These quirky locations include art institutions, shop windows, churches and even rooftops of national monuments.

Discover Rotterdam with special guides

After spending the night in Campsite Mozaique, guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet provided by the festival. Afterwards, visitors can explore the city through different tours and activities with Motel Mozaique's special guides. Discover the city through the eyes and hearts of arts and culture aficionados, graphic designers, artists and students with a big love for Rotterdam. The Motel Mozaique Guides take festival goers on an intimate and authentic tour uncovering the city's many hidden gems.

Motel Mozaique is definitely a one-of-a-kind, sparkling experience and a unique way to get to know Rotterdam from all its different angles. Enjoy the music and wake up to a bustling city full of urban surprises and wonder.

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