Photo: © VVV Zuid-Limburg

GaiaZOO Zuid-Limburg

GaiaZOO Zuid-Limburg is one of the most beautiful, and perhaps even the most beautiful, zoo in the Benelux. The GaiaZOO theory behind the zoo is that the earth works as one super-organism. The zoo has won many awards, which prove that the GaiaZOO succeeds in creating its own well-balanced ecosystem.
Dentgenbachweg 105
6468PG Kerkrade
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Habitats of GaiaZOO

Wander through the GaiaZOO habitats of Europe, Tundra, Amazonia, Congo and Namibia. Special and surprising species live here, in their own way perfectly adapted to their specific environment. But there’s also room for the past in three historical habitats. You’ll learn what Limburg was like in the periods Carboniferous (Limburg was located at the equator), Cretaceous (when Limburg lay on the edge of a sea) and the Ice Age (when polar winds blew over Limburg).

Shows and Playground

There’s plenty to do for the whole family at GaiaZOO Zuid-Limburg. You can visit the largest indoor dinosaur park, DinoDome, enjoy a jungle tour, play with animals in the petting zoo and watch bird shows. Needless to say, this exciting modern zoo is a fantastic family day out.

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