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Limburg offers plenty of beautiful golf courses and the 18 holes at BurgGolf Herkenbosch are certainly no exception. Located near the border with Germany, BurgGolf Herkenbosch is a true wooded course. It blends seamlessly into the De Meinweg nature reserve. Golfing in Limburg is particularly unique thanks to the natural differences in height provided by the rolling Limburg landscape. Combined with its characteristic thick forests, this makes each hole at BurgGolf Herkenbosch unique in Holland.

Come golf in a natural setting.

Visitors, golfers and guests are welcome at BurgGolf Herkenbosch, where golf and nature go hand in hand. One of the unique qualities of this course is that some of the holes are situated on sand drifts. In addition, each hole is lined by thick strands of trees, making it very difficult to get up and down from the rough. You will think you have the course all to yourself. In the spring the beautiful colours of rhododendrons and daffodils will enchant visitors to BurgGolf Herkenbosch. Finally, for those used to flat courses, BurgGolf Herkenbosch provides the challenge of both elevated and lowered greens.

Going golfing in Limburg

BurgGolf Herkenbosch is not just known for its golfing experience. The St. Andrews restaurant is also well-known throughout the region for its culinary expertise. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of traditional Limburg ‘vlaai’ before your round and then wind up your day with a drink and then dinner in the restaurant.  In the summer, have a seat on the sunny outdoor café and enjoy the good life. From here you will also be able to take in splendid views, including one of the 18th hole.

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