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Sailing in the Eilandspolder

Sailing through the Eilandspolder, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage lands of the Beemster and the Schermer, means silently sliding over the water amidst reeds, vast landscapes, polders and historic villages. The creation of this area is a story that tells itself!

  • Sail past remarkable polders that lie 3.5 meters below sea level
  • Discover nature reserves with many aquatic and meadow birds
  • Dock at one of the pleasant terraces and enjoy the splendid view

Remarkable contrasts

On the way, note the high elevation of the Eilandspolder compared to the polders around it. In the past, the Eilandspolder was an island in the Beemster and Schermer lakes. After they were pumped dry, the island jutted out from the reclaimed land around it.

You will also notice the difference in the landscapes – the clean lines and arrow-straight roads of the polders lying next to the natural lakes and broad waterways of the former peat island.

Rich nature

In the Eilandspolder, once known as Schermer Island, you will today find gorgeous nature with wetlands and meadows that draw many kinds of birds. The waterways between the farmlands are perfect for an exploration by water. Don’t forget to duck when you pass the wooden bridges on the way!

Historic villages

Among the beautiful, historic villages in this area are De Rijp, Driehuizen, Graft and Noordeinde, as well as, slightly farther out, Grootschermer and Schermerhorn, where you can visit a still-functional museum windmill.

Boat rental addresses

You can rent electric boat as various places, as well as go on a boat tour. When the weather is good, it is advisable to make reservations in advance.

  • Boat rental ’t Ouweland, Rechtestraat 106, 1483 BE De Rijp. T +31 (0)299 673 549 of +31 (0)6 5163 9728
  • Boat rental De Gouw, Zuiddijk 2-A, 1483 MA De Rijp, T +31 (0)6 2198 6970
  • Eilandspolder boat tours, Rechtestraat 106, 1483 BE Rijp, T +31 (0)299 673 916 of +31 (0)6 1434 0760
  • Café de Vriendschap, Driehuizen 13, 1844 KL Driehuizen T+ 31 (0)299 672 050

Editors’ tip

Be sure to take the time for a walk through the old center of De Rijp, home of Jan Adriaanszoon Leeghwater, who laid the foundations of today’s North Holland.

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