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Oosterschelde storm surge barrier

Find out more about the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, the part of the impressive Delta Works series that is lockable, and visit Neeltje Jans where you can learn more about this ‘eighth wonder of the world'.

  • The most impressive building of the Delta Works.
  • See the inside of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier at Deltapark Neeltje Jans.
  • You can go for lovely walks or bike tours in the surrounding areas.
Measuring nearly eight kilometres in length, the Oosterscheldekering barrier is a special dam that connects the Zeeland islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland. This part of the Delta Works was built to protect the Zeeland region from the sea after the North Sea Flood in 1953.

Protecting the environment

The Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier is a unique and internationally acclaimed flood protection project. The original plans called for a closed dam. This led to a lot of objections because the water behind the dam would have lost its salinity and salt water fish and plants would have disappeared.

A look behind the scenes

An imposing view of the flood barrier can be seen from the former Neeltje Jans work-island, which was constructed especially for the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier project. Want to take a closer look at the floodgates? Then be sure to pay a visit to Deltapark Neeltje Jans. Next to learning all about the Delta Works project, it is also a water park with fun attractions for the whole family.

Moveable barrier

That is why a barrier was designed that could be closed in emergencies. The moveable part is nearly nine kilometres long divided over three sluice gate-type openings. Colossal piles support doors that move up and down to open and close the barrier. All in all it is a beautiful example of Dutch hydraulic engineering that is definitely worth a visit.

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