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Delft tours

Delft is a smaller version of Amsterdam. Dozens of museums and attractions are within walking distance of each other. With the walking tour, you get to see the best spots in Delft in a single day. Would you like to see more of Delft’s surroundings? Take a bicycle on a tour of Delft. You leave town within a few minutes, taking an easy ride to the beautiful nature of Delftse Hout. Ride your bicycle through a beautiful Dutch landscape featuring long stretches of meadows filled with cows, water and pollard willows.

Put on your walking shoes and go

With these walking routes you will dive into the history of Delft.

Delft may be known for its historic center with impressive canal houses, but as you wander through the city you will encounter many more beautiful things, lots of art, for example. You can choose from the ceramics route, the Vermeer walk or a street art route.

The inner city of Delft is also a great place to walk. During one of the historical walking routes you will learn a lot about the history of Delft. Walk through the atmospheric streets and discover the most beautiful spots and stories of the city.

Delft has everything to offer in terms of innovation and technology. TU Delft, high quality technical companies, start-ups and research institutes are all there. The city is among the world leaders in areas such as medical technology, industrial biotechnology, water and delta technology.

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A Day in Delft

Experience a day in Delft with an itinerary that includes all the highlights and a wealth of tips.

Explore Delft and its surroundings with this bicycle itinerary across Delftse Hout.

One of the best day trips in Holland is a trip to Delft and The Hague. Enjoy a historical journey along some of Holland’s greatest icons.