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Top 5 restaurants in Roermond

After a long day of shopping or viewing historic monuments in the centre of Roermond, it’s time to find a good restaurant. Lucky for you, you’re already in Roermond, where you can choose from a host of many tasteful restaurants in handsome locations like the harbour and the old town centre. We’ve listed the four tastiest among these culinary establishments for you.

  • Enjoy Roermond’s tasteful and flavourful culinary scene
  • Discover the top 4 restaurants in Roermond here.
  • Restaurant One has a Michelin star and guarantees an exclusive culinary evening.

Restaurant One ★☆☆

In the particularly robust yet pleasant setting of an old electrochemical plant, today repurposed as a culture factory, Edwin Soumang prepares delicious and surprising light courses that thoroughly deserve the Michelin star awarded to him.

Address: ECI 17, Roermond

Restaurant Kasteeltje Hattem

In a charming little municipal park in town stands the smallest castle in the Netherlands, with an excellent kitchen and a great atmosphere. Definitely a special experience.

Address: Maastrichterweg 25, Roermond

Restaurant Da Mauro

High-quality Italian restaurant featuring exquisite meals and superb wines – but don’t forget to admire the beautiful frescoes all around you!

Address: Roerkade 7, Roermond

Restaurant Toff

On a lovely little square between the rivers Ruhr and Meuse is where you’ll find restaurant Toff: convivial, affordable, and serving excellent food and wine. Pure enjoyment.

Address: Voorstad Sint Jacob 32, Roermond


What used to be a prison is now a stylish hotel with a fantastic restaurant. Damianz is the culinary heart of Hotel Het Arresthuis. They serve a wonderful dinner or lunch, as well as a delicious high tea or high wine.

Address: Pollartstraat 7, Roermond

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