Kop van Zuid Rotterdam
© Iris van den Broek

Architecture in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is also known as Manhattan on the Meuse, because of its impressive skyline. The city has such a fantastic reputation when it comes down to architecture, that it’s no wonder that the Netherlands Architecture Institute was also founded here. 

Expand your knowledge of Dutch architecture by visiting the unmistakable Cube Houses in Rotterdam.

Visit the Van Nelle factory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and icon of Dutch modernism.

A library behind a glass waterfall

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
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Het Nieuwe Instituut

A complete overview of Dutch architecture.

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Sonneveld huis

Ultramodern Dutch Functionalist architecture and design

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De Unie

A neoplastic dream come true

Nieuwe Luxor Theater Rotterdam
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New Luxor Theater

The New Luxor Theater is a theater designed for the future.

View from the water Willemsbrug Rotterdam
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Le pont Willemsbrug

A bright red bridge that spans the Meuse.

Kop van Zuid Skyline
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Kop van Zuid

An entirely new district that includes the fully renovated Cruise Terminal.