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North Brabant’s regional products

North Brabant, the part of Holland that seems to enjoy the good life more than any other part of the nation, is all about good food and gezelligheid, that quintessentially Dutch word for people having a great time together. Which is fortunate, because with everything that grows in and grazes on their flowing fields, they have access to the best possible ingredients. From fresh fruit to asparagus and from anchovy even to caviar! In short, those who love good food will be nothing short of delighted in North Brabant.

  • Taste the flavours of North Brabant.
  • Try a wonderful triple A menu.
  • Discover North Brabant’s unexpected, unique regional product: caviar.
  • Pick your own fruit.

Triple A from North Brabant

In May, June and July, the province of North Brabant is fully obsessed with the triple A. The first A stands for asparagus, a recognised regional product of this province and its neighbour, Limburg. Asparagus from Brabant are known for their slightly salty flavour. The second ‘A’ regional product is the strawberry (aardbei in Dutch), which is also known as ‘the little king of summer’. This great and flavourful fruit is made into the most wonderful creations. The final ‘A’ stands for anchovy, a flavourful and salty little fish that lays its eggs in the shallows of the Eastern Scheldt. Some restaurants in North Brabant serve a triple A menu in these months, presenting the best dishes with asparagus, strawberries and anchovy. We highly recommend it!

Caviar from Brabant

Caviar from North Brabant: yes, it actually exists, and it’s called Anna Royal Dutch Caviar! The only Dutch caviar producer in Holland named its product after Anna Pavlovna, the daughter of the Russian tsar. The tasty roe is produced by thousands of sturgeon swimming in basins in Eindhoven. It makes for a unique regional product from North Brabant!

Address: Hurksestraat 8, Eindhoven

Pick your own seasonal fruit

Could there be anything better than picking your own seasonal fruit in North Brabant? We recommend the Philips fruit garden in Eindhoven. It includes a wonderful pancake restaurant with a great view of the trees and makes the whole expedition even more fun for children!

Address: Oirschotsedijk 14a, Eindhoven

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