Practical information

Are you planning a holiday in Holland soon? Then you’ll find practical tips a great help to ensure a great holiday. Read up on useful tips about transport to and in Holland and train, car and bike travel in Holland. You can also read up on holiday periods and public holidays in Holland, travel tips for the disabled, tourist information offices and, of course, the weather.

More information about the current situation in The Netherlands.

Everything you want to know about the Netherlands on one page. With general information, facts and trivia, the royal family, the national flag and the public holidays.

Plan your transportation

Utrecht central station, people waiting for train
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Getting to Holland

Travel to the Netherlands by train, car, ferry and air. offers all the travel information you need to travel to the Netherlands.

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Getting around in Holland

Plan your trip in the Netherlands. advices you how to travel through the Netherlands. The travel information you need to travel in the Netherlands.

Read up on the most important things to bear in mind, public transport traveling tips, and what types of tickets to use.

Practical information

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Public Holidays

Find out when the Dutch go on a holiday.

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Opening Hours

At what time do shops, banks and post offices open?

Visiting the Netherlands? How much should you tip? Can you pay with debit cards? Are there ATMs?

Visit a tourist information office for maps and plans of your destination.

How to communicate within and abroad Holland.

Power converters, drinkable water and other useful facts.

Additional information about the options and available aids during your holiday in Holland.

All you need to know about getting top-quality medical assistance while visiting the Netherlands.

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Visa & Immigration

What can you bring along on your trip to and from Holland?

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The weather in Holland

What kind of weather should you expect in the Netherlands? Read all about the climate, seasons, sunshine and rain, swimming in the sea, and practical tips.

Read all about the difference between Holland and the Netherlands here.