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Itinerary: The many faces of water

The Holland Travel Ticket means you only need a single ticket for all means of public transport in Holland. You could travel a route via the Oostvaardersplassen and Kampen to Giethoorn, the Venice of the North, for instance. Holland has long been known as a country that handles water in innovative ways. This routes shows off three different faces of what the water brought to Holland. The sea bottom is now home to Konik horses and red deer. The IJssel river brought wealth to the city of Kampen that remains visible today, and in Giethoorn you will sail across the water as if they were the streets of the village. Don’t forget to look outside during the train trip. You are traveling through a unique piece of Holland!

  • The most beautiful railway route takes you right through the middle of the Oostvaardersplassen.
  • Sail through the canals of the Venice of the North, Giethoorn.
  • Discover the rich Hanseatic history in Kampen.

Holland’s most beautiful railway route

You will board the train in Amsterdam for one of Holland’s most beautiful routes. You will travel right through the middle of the Oostvaardersplassen, a nature reserve that was created in the nineteen sixties. After the Flevopolder was reclaimed, this swamp area remained unused, leaving nature to do as she pleased. Would you like to visit this unique piece of Holland? Leave the train at Lelystad station. You can rent a bicycle to explore Oostvaardersplassen on your own. Feel like lunch? The visitors’ center boasts a lovely terrace where you can order a drink and a bite.

Old wealth in Kampen

The water in Holland caused problems, but it also brought wealth. This is easily seen in the Hanseatic city of  Kampen. Its location on the IJssel river allowed Kampen to grow into a lively trading town. Its residents made a lot of money and commissioned wonderful residences. Today this relatively small city boasts over 500 monuments. Going for a stroll is highly recommended.

Culinary pleasures in Giethoorn

The last stop on the day is Giethoorn. This city is also known as the Venice of the North. Just like in the Italian city, Giethoorn has canals instead of streets. Only here, you’ll be sailing through a typically Dutch landscape. Restaurant Lindenhof comes highly recommended in this village. The restaurant has two Michelin stars. If you are longing for a less extensive but lovely dinner, Ristorante Fratelli is a good choice. Staff at this typically Dutch house with its thatch roof surprisingly serve Italian food.

After a pleasant dinner, you can take the train back to Amsterdam. Your ticket will still be valid so you can still use it in the tram or bus to your hotel or another location in the city.

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