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Practical information

Happy curly haired woman carried fabric bag holds fresh water in bottle

Reduce your impact on the environment by packing sustainably. Check out our handy guide.

Lady parked her bike to withdraw money at Geldmaat (Dutch ATM)

Visiting the Netherlands? How much should you tip? Can you pay with debit cards? Are there ATMs?

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Public Holidays

Find out when the Dutch go on a holiday.

Couple after visiting Sanadome Hotel & Spa Nijmegen. Lady is in a wheelchair.

Additional information about the options and available aids during your holiday in Holland.

First aid training: blue gloves hand bandaging

All you need to know about getting top-quality medical assistance while visiting the Netherlands.

Young ladies with bicycle in Hanseatic city Zwolle

Read all about the difference between Holland and the Netherlands here.

Lady opens gate with public transport chip card

Easy check in and out with OVpay or the OV-chip card.

Progressive Holland

Rainbow heart of neon lights

Top tips for an LGBTQ+-friendly vacation in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands’ soft drugs policy prioritizes customer safety at regulated and licensed coffeeshops.